MyUnitSite.com is a venture undertaken by the independent web consulting firm, Web Master Consulting Services.  MyUnitSite.com is an independent venture and is not sanctioned in any way by Mary Kay Inc. There is no association or affiliation between MyUnitSite or MyUnitSite.com  and Mary Kay Inc. or the Mary Kay company web site.

Mary Kay trademarks, registered or otherwise, are the property of Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay and In Touch are the registered trademarks of Mary Kay Inc.  MyUnitSite.com sites are developed in accordance with established Mary Kay Web Site Guidelines for Independent National Sales Directors and Sales Directors.  MyUnitSite assumes that the individual Independent Sales Directors have reviewed and adhered to these policies when submitting information to MyUnitSite.com.

MyUnitSite provides web services only to it's subscribers.  The individual web sites, and the content therein, are the property of the owning Independent Sales Directors.  Web Master Consulting Services gives no guarantee or takes no responsibility for the actual information posted on individual sites or in the Training Center as this information is generated by our individual subscribers.

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